Welcome to RUST

For over 10 years RUST FILMS has served some of the biggest names in the business, including RADiUS, MTV, GM, BBC, ABC, Viacom, and GE, to name just a few.

Extensive industry experience keeps Rust Films on the cutting edge, fusing technology and art.

Rust Films offers an impressive range of expertise which encompasses everything from creative broadcast and interactive media to designing company branding for diverse clients. Whether it be designing interactive kiosks, producing high-profile multimedia advertising campaigns, editing and directing online or on-air programs, or managing visual and technical elements for trade shows, all are a part of Rust’s technological repertoire.

With this large scope of high-tech know-how, Rust can offer you innovative solutions that will set you head and shoulders above the competition. Rust has the tools and the talent to help you tell your story, to turn your idea into a work of art, and to bring your message to the masses.

Anthony Cupo


Anthony Cupo is the executive producer and the editor of the film Concussion. He started his career art directing event shows like the MTV Movie Awards, two Super Bowl half time shows and CMT Country Music Awards. In the role of writer/director he oversaw multiple projects for clients such as, Viacom, HBO, Remy Mártin USA, Warner Music Group and the Emmy nominated Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story. Most recently was the Executive Producer and Editor for the film Concussion which recently sold to RADiUS at the Sundance Film Festival.