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The Faith Molester is up to no good! When the hot new Hard Rock Band the Burn and Cry needed a no holds bar music video to kick off their debut album Rust was happy to oblige. Anthony Cupo worked with the band to bring their vision to life in the form of “Faith Molester” look for it here and on their Myspace page later this month.


Rust was joined by SoHo Inc. to create and bring to life a multi city presentation and scotch tasting for Macallan Scotch. Highlighting their brand using videos that reminded the tasters of what happened in the year their scotch was bottled was just one task. Rust also produced the audiovisual aspects of the presentation and assisted in the overall event production. Because of the success of these, Macallan will be adding more tours in the future, look for us in your city!


BEST* Company asks RUST to edit a highlight reel to promote an after-school program that teaches music to LA students. After showing the video, board members decide to expand the program to all 16 schools in the district. ROCK ON!


FearNet is dedicated to providing horror content to the masses. They hired Rust’s production crew to hit the road and film the behind the scenes action on Red Earth, a short film to be featured on the channel. Interviewing the cast and crew, Rust was able to create dynamic stories that show viewers some of the challenges the filmmakers had trying to complete the mini film. In addition to shooting the footage Rust created a graphic open and packaging for each of the five behind the scenes pieces.


To commemorate the new release of the Family Guy movie- Blue Harvest MTV held a contest for it’s viewers. The prize was a trip to LA and a table read with the Family Guy cast and creator Seth MacFarlane. Rust was able to create a funny promo that incorporated the feel of Star Wars with the Non sequitur humor of Family Guy.