Rust made fun little info piece for Brugal Rum USA. It’s the 101 on the origins of rum. Enjoy.

After several successful years of the Macallan Tasting Tour, Rust created a Masterclass version of the tasting for the more experienced Scotch drinker. By Adding new elements and higher quality vintages to the existing program Rust was able to keep the program fresh and exciting.

Rust created a unique program App for Stoli Vodka to run on Apple’s new iPad that was in 40 Markets beginning May 14th 2010.
The App was designed to market Stoli Vodka’s “Original” campaign.
How it works?
A market manager approaches you and askes if you would like a free original cocktail from Stoli.
The user then touches the screen to select their flavor of Vodka, Their mood, and then their favorite mixer. After a quick shake the iPad, it selects an official Stoli drink that matches the users selections and sends the drink order to an iPod at the bar!
Rust is continuing to develop new features of the app and distribute it across the country.

The RUST worked closely with with Ella Communications to tell the story of comedian Eddie Izzard. The documentary premiered at the Raindance Film Festival and received an Emmy nomination for outstanding documentary in it’s genre.

Agency MK-NYC hired Rust to produce and direct a commercial announcing the up coming Lee Child book “61 Hours” featuring the character Jack Reacher