Candy Apple Logo

Candy Apple Logo

Candy Apple.

She’ll use her mind, her body, and her car…TO KILL THEM ALL!

Set up:

New Jersey. October 21, 1979.

Christine Henderson’s life ends today. Her husband, child, and brother are brutally murdered when a biker gang called the War Dogs runs them off the road. Christine is beaten, raped, and left for dead. After six months in the hospital and a year of physical rehabilitation, Christine Henderson’s life begins again…a broken life. A life built on revenge.

1982. Now.

Urban legends abound among the small towns peppered across the nation about a vengeful outlaw using a car to kill the scum of the earth. Few have seen the car and fewer have seen the driver. Reports range from a man to a woman, young to old, to even an alien and the lizard boy who escaped from a carnival. The driver is Christine. Powered by her brother’s custom built, candy apple red, blown muscle car,  She heads west, looking for the biker gang. It’s a deep commitment, but Christine has nothing else to live for. The road to revenge never looked so good.

600 horses of pure vengeance!

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